Siding Project: Free Willy profile, Rubio Monocoat Siding Oil Duo System

When the whole is more than the sum of the parts!

The customer, DB Hardwoods from Rollegem-Kapelle (Belgium) chose the modern and innovative profile because of the invisible fixation method and ventilation system (every 30 cm). The last guaranties a long product life, cause there’s a minimum influence of water which usually causes the damage on wood.

Of course, the choice whether to colour cedar or not is strictly a personal one. But as DB Hardwood is always the first in line to discover and even set new trends, they decided to colour and protect their prestigeous siding profile with the Rubio Monocoat Siding Oil Duo System. Color: Charcoal. Their motivation: ‘Cedar naturally grows grey to black after a certain time, so why not colour it in the ‘black’ we like! Moreover, this oil provides extra protection and is easy to maintain. ‘

This said, we at Rubio Monocoat are very happy with this attractive project!